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Sai che puoi piantare un albero con ogni goodbag?

A couple with two different custom goodbags

Individually printed, branded bags

goodbag is great for corporate gifting, employer branding or branded merchandise. Let us help you find the perfect match for your business!

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Be it as an internal gift to employees, branded merchandise or a giveaway for a special occasion…

…the goodbag is perfect for it, printable on both sides with your design and logo. As we can use both screen and transfer printing, the possibilities are endless for your design of choice. If you need some inspiration we can also help you with some design suggestions.

A bunch of goodbags on top of each other with different designs
A goodbag illustrating the dimensions of a possible custom print - 31x28cm
A turquoise tote bag with a print by denner

This sounds interesting to you? Here is everything you need to know:

Two turquoise tote bags with custom prints by denner

The goodbag is printable on both sides on natural cotton and black cotton ground. For larger orders we can also produce the bags with a colour of your choice.

A room filled with custom tote bags

We offer individual printing for orders of min. 100 bags.

Two different tote bags with ocean-themed designs

For standard prints with up to 8 colours we use screen printing, more complex designs will be done with a transfer print.

A box with goodbags

In Europe we usually print and deliver bags in 3–4 weeks, in special cases we can go faster. For bigger orders that we need to order from our producer directly, the producer’s time estimate is based on the order details.

A macbook with a design file for a custom bag design

Shall we assist you with the designing process? For custom designs we charge a fee of just 60 € for each starting hour of work.

A red vector heart in a green circle

Here is what we need for the print: Your design exported in a vectorized format and the colours in Pantone colour code.

Case example – Sounds of the Ocean

For Sounds of the Ocean we collaborated to create a special design, based on their expectations. Going through several iterations with different motifs and colour schemes, we landed on the final design of a stylized whale that flows nicely into the black colour of the bag, as if disappearing into the ocean depths.

A guy with a black tote bag with a whale design
A whale fin from the back
A illustration of a whale
A dancer at the sounds of ocean event
A photo of the atmosphere of the sounds of ocean event

Do you want to raise awareness about your sustainability initiatives and reward consumers for re-using their shopping bags?

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