Meet goodbag.

The world’s first smart tote bag that cleans the ocean and plants trees with every reuse.

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Planting the Seeds for a better world

1. Bring your goodbag when you go grocery shopping

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2. Scan it with the goodbag app to collect Seeds

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3. Donate your Seeds to plant trees and clean the ocean

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Why goodbag?

goodbag is much more than a tote bag

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The best quality tote bag

  • Made out of organic cotton or fair BCI better cotton
  • Big and sturdy, thick untreated cotton
  • Double handles & inside pocket for extra comfort
Social projects depictions: a boat collecting plastic with OEOO and a woman planting a tree in Africa

The most sustainable shopping bag

  • Planting one tree is included with every goodbag
  • Plastic-free and fairly produced
  • Lets you clean plastic and plant trees with every reuse
A user showcasing the goodbag app with various achievements popping out of the screen.

The most fun to use

  • Scan your goodbag with your phone using NFC
  • Earn achievements by reusing the goodbag
  • Compete with other users and be the champion of positive impact

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goodbag is leading the way with customer experience.


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