Meet goodcup.

The world’s first smart coffee cup that cleans the ocean and plants trees with every refill.

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Planting the Seeds for a better world

1. Get your goodcup refilled at a coffee shop or bakery

2. Scan it with the goodbag & goodcup app to collect Seeds

3. Donate your Seeds to plant trees and clean the ocean

Why goodcup?

goodcup is much more than a re-usable cup

  • Made from single-use paper cups
  • 100% leakproof
  • BPA & melamine-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% recyclable
  • Smart & NFC-enabled
  • 1 tree is planted with every goodcup
  • 10 year lifespan
  • Keeps your drink hot or cold for 60–90 minutes
A young man holding a goodcup and a mobile phone with the goodbag app
Four different goodcup color variants in a coffee shop
A woman drinking from a beige-green goodcup

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